Don't Waste Time Worrying About the HOA

Let a property management company maintain your Arlington or Poughkeepsie, NY home while you're away

Taking care of your weekend or vacation home can take precious time out of your day. If you want a professional to care for your home, turn to The Garden Experience for property management services in Arlington & Poughkeepsie, NY. Our property management company can keep your home in perfect shape while you're away.

Schedule your property maintenance services now.

How we'll care for your home

When you rely on our property management company, you won't have to worry about your weekend home. Just a few of the things we can handle are:

  • Checking your AC and heat to ensure they're running properly
  • Calling an electrician or plumber to fix any potential issues we find
  • Opening and closing your home whenever someone comes to visit

We'll also take care of handyman work and bring any packages inside. Email us today for more information on our property management services.